Top Five Rides in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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Disney World is thought of as the most magical place on earth, and for a good reason. Families from all around the world save up year-round so they can partake in a little of the magic that is Disney. However, as one of the top theme parks globally, it is hard to know exactly what to do when you start planning your trip. In a series of articles, I will break down different rides for each part, restaurants to eat at, and Disney with kids. As a Disney family who makes the trip once a year, we have done all the footwork for you!  

Magic Kingdom was the first of the four Disney theme parks in Orlando so let’s start there. The park opened October 1,1971, and was a more giant and improved park based on Disneyland Park in California. Over the years, the park has taken on many different features and styles. Some of them are so iconic that even thoughts that do not like Disney find them fascinating. While there are many things to do in the park, the rides are one of the main draws that keep visitors coming back for more. Here are the top five rides you want to check out when visiting Magic Kingdom.  

#5- Big Thunder Mountain Railroad 

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In the number 5 spot, we have one of the best rollercoasters for both adults and children. Big Thunder Mountain puts riders on an old possessed mining train. The story goes that way back in the 1800s, gold was struck on Big Thunder Mountain, and people from all over came to the small town of Tumbleweed to strike it rich. The mountain, however, was sacred to the local Native Americans, and a curse was placed on those coming into the town. A great flood wiped most of the settlers out, and after some time, travelers could see the mining trains racing around the mountain on their own. This was the first rollercoaster my kids ever got on. It opened the possibilities to ride bigger and better ones as they grew. A fun fact about this ride is that it has been known to help those suffering from kidney stones pass the rocks when they ride this roller coaster.  

#4- Pirates of the Caribbean 

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Perhaps one of the most iconic rides in Disney World is the Pirates of the Caribbean. Spawning an entire movie franchise is a massive feat for just a small boat ride. The first version of this ride opened in Disneyland in 1967. It was the last ride to be envisioned and overseen by Walt Disney himself, and it opened just a few months after his passing. The ride takes passengers throughout a journey that tells the story of pirates in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of these pirates are now famous to those who have never stepped foot in a Disney Park, thanks to the films of the same name starring Johnny Depp. This is a must when visiting Magic Kingdom for its history, beautiful artwork, and the fun of tiny drops in the dark.  

#3- Splash Mountain 

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Our number 3 spot on the list is one of my favorite rides in all the parks. Splash Mountain is a log ride like no other. Log rides are popular in many theme parks, but only Splash Mountain has the Disney magic…along with a 52.5-foot drop at the end. The ride takes you through the world of Br’er Rabbit from the film Song of the South. Although this is one of my favorite rides, the scenes only have meaning to me due to the ride itself. I never had any emotional attachment to the film itself, so when it was released, Disney would change the ride over the next few years to retheme it with the movie The Princess and the Frog. So I was not overly upset. Of course, it will be sad to see the iconic ride change; however, sometimes, a new theme can do wonders for a ride. I, for one, would be okay with them adding a few more drops!  

#2-Haunted Mansion 

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From thrill rides to folks who died (999 to be exact), our number 2 spot must be The Haunted Mansion. This ride puts passengers in a “doom buggy.” It travels through the mansion with the ghost host, explaining several different stories involving ghosts. The idea behind The Haunted Mansion was one of the first dreams for Disney, before Disneyland itself. There are really no thrills or drops on this ride. Still, the history, artistry, and overall feeling from riding in a doom buggy is an experience that deserves second place. The story the passage tells is one of the best in all of Disney. Combine that with the stretching hallway and hitchhiking ghosts, and you’ve got a ride your family will be talking about for years to come.  

#1-Space Mountain 

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In the number one spot, we must give it up for Space Mountain! This indoor roller coaster is not only the oldest in Florida (opening in 1975), but it is also a ride that was birthed in Disney World before being replicated in other Disney parks. A high-speed dark ride with twists and turns the riders cannot see, Space Mountain has become a favorite roller coaster for thrill-seekers worldwide. The great thing about this ride is that small children have even fallen in love with it due to the overall theme and the fact that since it is in the dark, it is hard to fear the coming up drops and turns.  

Of course, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has many other rides and attractions that you should check out. However, there are just the top riders in the park for my family. We love most of the rides and shows in Disney; however, when we go, we always make sure to spend an entire day in Magic Kingdom so we can enjoy everything the park has to offer.  

Written exclusively for our company by Jacob Ruble

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