Easy Virtue (1928)

After directing the film adaptation of Downhill, Gainsborough convinced Hitchcock that he should lead another play to film adaptation, this time for the play Easy Virtue. This play was also one of Noel Cowards’ creations, so it was a no-brainer to pair it with Hitchcock once again. Hitchcock, however, was hesitant to direct another adaptation as one …

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Downhill (1927)

Downhill, otherwise known as “When Boys Leave Home” in the United States, is a silent film released in 1927 based on the play, Downhill. When released, it became the fourth film for the now renowned director Alfred Hitchcock. It is incredible to go back and see how Hitchcock’s style was evident in even his earliest …

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Metropolis (1927) Review

Details:Directed by: Fritz LangWritten by:Thea von HarbouFritz LangCast:Alfred AbelBrigitte HelmGustav FrohlichRudolf Klein-RoggeMusic by Gottfried HuppertzReleased: 1927 Breakdown:  The future is glorious and filled with fun and idle play unless you are a worker. In the megacity of Metropolis, equality is non-existent. On the surface, the wealthy elite spends their time pleasing and living in grand buildings …

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