Which do you value more: freedom or security?

Agree or Disagree: Untrained or young heroes are a threat to the citizen population. The only way to ensure safety is to provide them with monitored training and mentorship.

Agree or Disagree: A top-secret list of all superhumans or humans with exotic technology is the best possible solution to ensure radical, rogue, or uncontrollable heroes are not a threat to the world's population.

Which is the best solution to ensure superheroes keep the citizen population safe?

What is the best solution for Heroes who endanger the citizen population or violate the law?

Which is the best solution to ensure stopping uncontrollable or rogue Heroes during a crisis?

Whose Side Are You On” In Marvel’s Civil War?
Team Iron Man

You are Team Iron Man! You loyally uphold the passage of the Registration Act. You hope that this will ensure the safety of both the citizen population and Heroes through the Fifty-State Initiative.
Team Cap

You are Team Cap! You oppose the Registration Act and value the freedom of superheroes across the world. You stand to keep citizens and heroes alike safe from any dangers.

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