It is the holiday season! Quite many people choose to spend the Christmas holidays at home with families and friends. On the other hand, most persons prefer to travel away from home, either alone or with family and friends.   If you fall into the latter category and need options to


A bucket list has become a fairly common idea in the world, and for good reason! Even if we live long lives, it still makes sense to want to accomplish a number of things within that time span, a task that can be much more vivid if you put those


Just a few years ago it was hard for us to imagine a business model that is dominating the market right now. I’m talking about the biggest taxi company that owns no cars or the biggest accommodation company that owns no hotels. This trend rest solely on the involvement of


With travel restrictions and concerns about COVID transmission looming large, travel is off the agenda for most of us right now. But you can still broaden your horizons by travelling from the comfort of your armchair – these specially selected TV programmes will whisk you away – and broaden your


Hotwire is a travel website platform that allows its users book hotel rooms and flights , rent cars and buy vacation packages . They have been online since 2000 functioning as an operating company of Expedia . They currently offer more than 173,000 hotel options in numerous destination points .

Big Bend on the Colorado River, Arizona, USA.

The Coronavirus pandemic led to businesses and centers being shut down. Initially, nonessential businesses were shut down, including your favorite leisure spots. Thankfully, with the easing of the lockdown, some leisure spots have resumed business. We have compiled a list of leisure spots that are currently open to visitors in


Smartphones allow even the most clueless travelers to find their way to that tiny cafe on the margins of rural Spain or book that last-minute hostel in Dublin after an unprecedented flight delay. That being said, finding a practical app that actually performs in an emergency situation is like finding


Nobody loves visiting a boring area or country. We all love a bit of magic in the place to make it worth our while. Well, there are countries in the world known to have a lot of traffic because of what they offer their visitors. In this post, I would