Wearable technology has been popular even before macro-tracking apps and thousands of fitness fans swear by them as a reliable accountability resource. That being said, pulse trackers are no longer simply activity loggers, what they are is an investment. We’ve assembled a list of the top pulse trackers to help

Get Best Body

By Danielle Holland-Ingram Many of us struggle to have an amazing body. We spend countless hours in the gym, try new diets and crazy fads, and sometimes, even resort to medical methods that promise to “burn the fat.” We’ve dealt with tofu tasting, green detoxing, headaches from fasting, corsets for


Any training has to be justified by everyday activities. Let me ask you a question – how often do you use your beloved crunches, planks or hanging leg raises in real life? That’s a hard one, right? Let’s think about it together.  Crunches require concentrated work of your abs’ muscles.


WITH PERFORMANCE FOOTWEAR DESIGNED TO INCLUDE ALL SPORTS, TEAMS, AND ATHLETES As athletes continue to return to competition, we are celebrating sport this summer with our biggest multi-sport assortment of performance footwear to date. With the celebration of all sports, all teams, and all athletes at its core, the collection mirrors


Vice President of Creative Direction, Kerby Jean-Raymond Enlists Fellow Creative and Designer, Jide Osifeso, to Create the First Manifestation of Reebok’s Refreshed Brand Direction Boston, MA – June 15, 2021 – Timed to coincide with the beginning of the FW21 season, today Reebok unveils a video collection, titled “Reconnect,” to give


With a new year can come a series of new goals and plans, and they can take many shapes and forms. Maybe you want to finish up that degree you’ve been working on, or there might be a certain book event happening in the fall that you just have to


What do you think of when you hear US Polo? If you are like me, you probably think of the iconic collared shirts made out of cotton mesh fabric. But behind the clothing brand there is so much more. Let’s get everything straight. is the official brand of the United


You may already have your exercise regimen chiseled in stone—one that you are committed to enough to tend to it every single day. If you’re like me, though, there’s more to exercise than the process of going through the motions. I’m not the type of person who’s going to go