Whatever brand of fairy you prefer, if you adore them half as much as I do, there are strategies available for showcasing that adoration within your own home. Assuming you’d want to go with a more adult approach than hanging a series of Tinker Bell posters though, you might have


Christmas is one of those times of years where many people get to show off their decorative talents for just a few weeks. In some neighborhoods it has become a competition and in other places the lights come out as early as possible and can be seen glowing far into


The game of “What If” is a game most people do not want to play. It is never fun to play out worst case scenarios in your mind, but the fact of the matter is, it could save your life one day. Do you have a spare tire, a jack


There are little feelings better than the feeling you get from harvesting your own food. With extremely uncertain times, more and more small farms or “backyard farms” are popping up every day. There is a certain freedom you are given when you know that no matter what happens around you,


Lint rollers are such a lifesaver! I believe they are accorded less credit for their diversity, and this primarily boils down to the fact that we only make use of this device whenever we need to remove lint or foreign materials from our fabrics. Why focus on a single function


Fireplaces can be charming and lovely without any additional factors, but if you pair them with a great accent above them, the scene escalates in beauty. The key, though, is finding that perfect piece of artwork or décor that completes the vision and heightens the visual. The possibilities can range


If you’ve decided to get into the houseplant hobby, you might be wondering just where you are supposed to get your plants and how you know which ones to buy. Of course, you are also going to have to know how to care for your plants, but we aren’t going