What if you could eat what you wanted, within reason, and still lose weight? That’s the claim made by hundreds of diets, dietary product manufacturers, and self-help health authors. That claim has a ring of truth to it, though. In general, by dieting the right way and exercising, you can

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Jack LaLane lived well into his 90s, as well as Paul Bragg, two notoriously healthy nutritionists, and one of their secrets, something they did well into old age, was juicing. Jack LaLane even came out with his own juicer. You, however, can buy a Vitamix or K-Tec, or even a


For a lot of people, the holidays are the most special time of the year. It is a time to escape the regular day-to-day life and relax with friends and family. It can be a very relaxing time and bring happiness sharing gifts and love. However, for some of us


Born in Finland and spread throughout Germany, Nordic walking is the latest variation of walking your way toward better health. A hybrid of jogging and hiking, Nordic walking involves a quirky combination of running shoes and hiking poles. The Origin of Nordic Walking Nordic walking came from Scandinavia after cross-country


Water is a magical liquid that fuels our body. So simple, yet so complex. We drink it carelessly, by default, not realizing that it is one of the most important routines in our day. Between 55% and 60% of our body is water. In case of the brain and the


Most, if not all, San Francisco recreational dispensaries consider cannabis to be a plant to be used mainly for pleasure and enjoyment. We, on the other hand, consider it to be nature’s sacred gift to humanity. Ganja has a lot of ways through which it can be of benefit to man. When


Can proper diet & exercise really help to reverse diabetes? That’s the contention of a notable and famed author, publisher, speaker, and doctor, Dr. Mercola. You’re not totally helpless to deal with your diabetes all on your own. It’s within your power to take active lifestyle steps to reverse or


Unless you’ve been sequestered from television news and social media, you probably know that heart disease is the leading killer in the U.S., responsible for killing over 800,000 people a year. That’s more people than cancer and chronic lower respiratory disease combined. Over 92 million Americans are currently living with