Holiday music is a big deal! The right tune can set the mood for your seasonal celebrating, whether you’re blasting it while you decorate or it’s blaring through your speakers while you’re driving your car. Typically, this musical enhancement of holidays is mostly noted as a part of Christmas, but


Disney World is thought of as the most magical place on earth, and for a good reason. Families from all around the world save up year-round so they can partake in a little of the magic that is Disney. However, as one of the top theme parks globally, it is


After directing the film adaptation of Downhill, Gainsborough convinced Hitchcock that he should lead another play to film adaptation, this time for the play Easy Virtue. This play was also one of Noel Cowards’ creations, so it was a no-brainer to pair it with Hitchcock once again. Hitchcock, however, was hesitant to


Downhill, otherwise known as “When Boys Leave Home” in the United States, is a silent film released in 1927 based on the play, Downhill. When released, it became the fourth film for the now renowned director Alfred Hitchcock. It is incredible to go back and see how Hitchcock’s style was


A quick glance into classic film history will return one name repeatedly, Alfred Hitchcock. Even the most novice cinema fan will have a few Hitchcock movies they can easily throw out to solidify their knowledge of film history. Most of the time, when speaking with someone about the go-to films


Details:Directed by: Fritz LangWritten by:Thea von HarbouFritz LangCast:Alfred AbelBrigitte HelmGustav FrohlichRudolf Klein-RoggeMusic by Gottfried HuppertzReleased: 1927 Breakdown:  The future is glorious and filled with fun and idle play unless you are a worker. In the megacity of Metropolis, equality is non-existent. On the surface, the wealthy elite spends their time pleasing


On summer nights, not so long ago, people across the country would find themselves surrounded by a cacophony of electronic music blaring out of the speaks located strategically on neon illuminated arcade machines. The arcade is one of the most heartbreaking stories of a business that is all bygone the


It is no secret that Warner Bros. has been dropping the ball with the DC Universe. I am not saying that every DC movie that comes out is garbage. Look at the Wonder Woman franchise that continues to grow, and Aquaman surprised many viewers with how fun it was. However, as an overall universe,


After watching Fear Street Part One: 1994, I was on the edge of my seat waiting for part two to drop. Part one did a fantastic job of leaving things open for the second movie in this three-part series. So naturally, when the second one came out on Netflix, I


For anyone who grew up in the ’90s, the name R.L Stine brings out the innermost nostalgia that we sometimes were unaware laid beneath the surface. The memories come back of lying awake at night with only the soft glow of the streetlights outside washing into your room. At the


Season 1: Episode 1  The 1980s brought so many excellent horror movies. When thinking back on the 80s horror genre, most will drift to the Jason’s and Freddy’s of the decade. While there is no issue with this, it is unfortunate that one of the excellent anthology series is often


Season 1: Episodes 1 and 2  Stephen King and George A. Romero are responsible for bringing the world horrific tales of terror and suspense as well as spawning genres all on their own. When the two came together to create the anthology horror movie Creepshow in 1982, it was no surprise that it