Living in a time of uncertainty, where we can’t rely on our so-called stable position, can be challenging. People lose jobs and find themselves in difficult positions, but this is something you can’t really influence. What you can do is to focus on your thoughts and actions. Use this opportunity


Reading is one of the best ways to escape one’s reality and find out what it would be like to walk in another person’s shoes. Luckily there is an ever-growing library of books that we are able to use as our gateway to this other world. One of my favorite


We have all being there. Writing down a list of New Year resolutions, sticking to them for the first few weeks or months at most, and then forgetting that the plan even exists. Ever wondered why this happens?  In this article, we have highlighted various reasons why your New Year


The game of “What If” is a game most people do not want to play. It is never fun to play out worst case scenarios in your mind, but the fact of the matter is, it could save your life one day. Do you have a spare tire, a jack


As we reflect on 2020, one thing is for certain – it has been the most challenging year that many of us have ever experienced. But challenging times can bring out the best in people – and fortunately, that has been the case in 2020! Here we explore some of the high-profile heroes of 2020, as well as some


They say – if you find a job you love, you would never have to work a day. As clichéd and corny as this ancient saying sounds, the fact is this is absolutely true . When you enjoy doing what you do for a living, your profession doesn’t just limit to being a chore


There is no denying it – 2020 has been a challenging year for business – but the entrepreneurial spirit has been alive and well, with many of us finding new ways to connect and work remotely. Here we explore some of the business trends we have seen in 2020 and evaluate which of


2020 did one thing that could be seen as a silver lining in what is otherwise a dumpster fire of a year, it gave us time. Time to sit and think, dwell on our life, binge watch television or finally read that book we have been staring at on our