Jeans. Denim. Best pants ever! Thank you, Jacob W. Davis, for creating this amazing item of clothing that became a staple of our everyday life. Jeans symbolize freedom, comfort, way to express yourself, quality and ease. They now come in different shapes and sizes. All of us have their favorite


Let your imaginations, creativity and fashion sensibility run a little wild this holiday season. Break yourself free form the comfort and coziness of your regular wardrobe and experiment something a little extra dramatic, extra dazzling and extra elaborative for your office or home holiday parties, dinner dates with the significant other and


At first glance, fashion and technology might not seem immediately compatible. In today’s world of fashion, however, technological influences are readily present. From high-tech fabrics to wearable technology accessories, fashion and technology are merging, and fashion is being redefined in innovative ways. Additionally, advances in technology have changed the way


Want to add beauty to your long shimmery wardrobe for a party? Every body love s to have stylish, delicate fashion jewelry picks that are fit for all the seasons. You can spark the beauty inside you with some amazing design filled jewelry from Amazon . We are the affordable, yet tantalizing jewelry store that can have an old-fashioned charm,


Retail is (not) dead. It is interesting how you can find articles proving either one or the other. There are sources saying that people don’t go to malls anymore and even if they do, they don’t buy much because now it is all available online and cheaper. Other say stores


The Evolution of Jeans: From Workers’ Trousers to Ubiquitous Fashion Items There are few items of clothing that are as ubiquitous today as jeans. The humble denim to users are an item of clothing enjoyed by men and women alike and by people of all walks of life. While fashions


Every woman has a trustee black dress in her wardrobe that makes her feel extra glamorous, stylish and confident every time she dons it. You know that perfect piece of black clothing that accentuates your curves at the exact right places while masking the flabs you don’t dig. We have all

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As an alteist, it is normal to match the “wrong” outfits sometimes. This could happen at any time and cause your outfit to seem a bit overboard. In this post, I have highlighted a few tips that would help you achieve your look without falling short of perfection. What is