10 Step Skincare Routine The 10-step routine is the global phenomenon that brought Korean beauty to the worldwide stage. Love or loathe the concept, it’s the only place to start when discussing Korean beauty trends! There are several different variations of the Korean 10-step (or 8-step, or 7-step…) skincare routine,


Regardless of the restrictions in your area, you might not feel comfortable going to a beauty salon to get your eyebrows professionally shaped in the current situation, given the close proximity of therapist to client, and also given the amount of protective equipment that needs to be worn by both.


Are there brownish spots on your face that you would love to get rid of in a few days? Well, freckles can prove challenging to clear without the right treatments and procedures. However, in this post, I would be sharing a few routines that could get them off in time.


One option is to avoid sun exposure. Another is to stop smoking. And another is to apply a variety of moisturisers and skin care products. But skin care goes a lot deeper than just avoiding certain things and doing some proactive moisturizing. Skin care is linked with your general health


Everyone’s entitled to a bad day. The pressures of work, family and even leisure activities can quickly change a sunny day into rain. But, if your dark days linger for weeks or months, you may be in the midst of depression. Fortunately, there are solutions, beginning with your diet. Depression


For years, I battled with my naturally curly hair. Every hairdresser I visited either wanted to straighten it into submission or turn me into a poodle-permed glam-rocker from the eighties. When I tried to style my hair at home, I would either end up with a mountain of soft, unmanageable